NSP 180 : ETOILE FILANTE - Magnum Opus Caelestis DigiCD

The CD comes as Collectors Edition in 4-panel Digipack with 6-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

Etoile Filante play Cosmic Black Metal. Founded in 2013, "Magnum Opus Caelestis" is the band's debut full length, written and recorded a few years after their first EP "Traité sur le Monde et la Lumière" in 2014. It comes highly recommended for fans of the Cosmic Black Metal sub genre and bands such as Midnight Odyssey, Mesarthim or Mare Cognitum.

Release date: January 24th, 2020

"Magnum Opus Caelestis“ ist eines dieser Alben, die fast automatisch in den digitalen Einkaufskorb wandern. Denn nicht nur kommt das Debütalbum von ETOILE FILANTE in einer überaus schicken Aufmachung daher, auch die Musik des französischen Black-Metal-Trios weiß zu begeistern. [...]  "Magnum Opus Caelestis" ist eine klangvolle Ansage aus den Tiefen der Black-Metal-Szene und schürt die Hoffnung auf zukünftige Großtaten." - 8/10

"Overall, I really like what I heard here from the album. There are enough traditional Black Metal elements to keep it steeped in the traditions of the genre, but with enough experimentation to keep it interesting. I appreciate the trippy elements as well…it gives the album an edge and sets it apart from the thousands of other bands playing this style of music, and it take you to a journey to the far recesses of the universe, leaving all of your earthly woes behind. Well done, mates!" - 8/10

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