Blut Aus Nord - 777 : Sect(s), DigiCD

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  • NSP-10413
  • Debemur Morti Productions
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In the first instalment of a groundbreaking trilogy, BLUT AUS NORD performs six new... mehr
Produktinformationen "Blut Aus Nord - 777 : Sect(s), DigiCD"

In the first instalment of a groundbreaking trilogy, BLUT AUS NORD performs six new desanctification rituals, stripping bare the age-old illusions of life and existence. Life is less than the meat; the body less than the raiment. Existence is no more than a nebulous concept; knowledge and wisdom just fading delusions. With trademark tortured chords and haunting shrieked mantras - twisted and contorted to painful extremities - "777 – Sect(s)" represents BLUT AUS NORD's most nightmarish voyage yet. Choke on the suffocating dust of decay as all your lost acts [life] are consigned to utter nothingness [death]. The faces … the gestures ... the laughs ... the screams ... the corpses. Centuries of ignorance and frustration have taught us that only the last second before the fear is real. All illusive life will culminate in mass burial. From an infant's first cry to the death rattle of decayed flesh, we are on a collision course with MoRT(re)ality. Logical reasoning is a lie. "777 – Sect(s)" is an organic, cascading volume of deviant, dark art that exhibits BLUT AUS NORD's natural habitat, a cleansing blade amid transitory moments of non-importance. Hypnotic guitars, discomforting beats and alienating voices clash with the ferocity of aural tectonic plates to produce horrific Black Metal decadence for an anonymous, lost, irrelevant generation. [Info from Debemur Morti catalogue]

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