Melencolia Estatica - Hel, DigiCD

Melencolia Estatica - Hel, DigiCD

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New album! • 6-page digisleeve with 12-page full-color booklet • Gold print with embossed... mehr
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New album! • 6-page digisleeve with 12-page full-color booklet • Gold print with embossed effect on logo MELENCOLIA ESTATICA is the sole vision of one Climaxia, arguably the most ambitious woman in black metal. Handling guitar, bass, vocal orchestrations, and overall concept, Climaxia has made MELENCOLIA ESTATICA one of Italy's premiere black metal bands this past decade, and now her third and latest Hel sees her vision growing bolder and more daring. Inspired by Fritz Lang's masterpiece Metropolis, MELENCOLIA ESTATICA’s Hel is a cruel vision of reality where hope is nothing but a shivering dream, a short moment suffocated by the greyness of factories’ background. The repetitive ticking of the clock of modernity that consumes mankind, a golden age of slavery where spirit is just a number to be forgotten: Hel marks a further step on the path of MELENCOLIA ESTATICA, a new dawn of musical decadence. [Info from Temple of Torturous catalogue]
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