Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal [1st press], DigiCD

Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal [1st press], DigiCD

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Comes in Gatefold digisleeve (1st press). Single copy! God is Myth Records is proud to present... mehr
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Comes in Gatefold digisleeve (1st press). Single copy! God is Myth Records is proud to present Illinois based blacked doom outfit VELNIAS. The bands music can be best described as a combination of sorrowful black metal with a very doomy atmosphere, combined with elements of folk. Although the band definately has their own sound, one could easily find comparisons to bands like OPETH, AGALLOCH, PRIMORDIAL & WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM. “Sovereign Nocturnal”, the bands debut album is miles ahead of their 2007 demo “Pacing the Cyclic Nether” in terms of maturity, songcraft & production. With the three songs combining for a total running time of 41 minutes & 15 seconds the emphasis has been laid upon a musical foundation of progressive yet feral riffs intertwining with delicate passages that only make the heavier parts that much more potent, not unlike early Opeth & Agalloch! Combined with lyrical content based upon the premise that the human race is insignificant compared to the grand power and prestige of nature this is a debut album that should not be dismissed! [Info from God Is Myth Records catalogue]
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