Bedemon - Child Of Darkness, CD

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The first legitimate release of the legendary BEDEMON sessions! Assembled in the early 70s by... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bedemon - Child Of Darkness, CD"
The first legitimate release of the legendary BEDEMON sessions! Assembled in the early 70s by sometimes-fifth PENTAGRAM member and friend of the band Randy Palmer, this was a private project to record his doomy Black Sabbath-like songs filled with imagery of demons, darkness and drugs. Along with high school pal Mike Matthews on bass, Palmer called on PENTAGRAM buddies vocalist Bobby Liebling and drummer Geof O’Keefe to perform on the recordings, which took place sporadically during the early to mid 70s. Never originally intended for release, these rough garage-style recordings got passed around through fans in the form of unauthorized CDs and LPs, and the legend grew about this cult PENTAGRAM offshoot. Now for the first time, the original master tapes have been used and the sound mixed and fixed to bring the best versions of these recordings, available officially for the first time ever. With lyrics, lengthy, detailed liner notes by the members and a striking original cover by renowned artist Wes Benscoter, Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes is a fitting tribute dedicated to Palmer, who passed away in 2002 following an auto accident. [Info from Black Widow Records catalogue]
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