Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith, CD

Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith, CD

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Both their demo ‘Burn’ and EP ‘The Cult Of Disease’ may have taken the doom metal scene by storm... mehr
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Both their demo ‘Burn’ and EP ‘The Cult Of Disease’ may have taken the doom metal scene by storm in 2008/09 but Chile’s PROCESSION first proper full-length, to be released on CD by DOOMENTIA and vinyl by HIGH-ROLLER, will simply sweep it away clean. See, ‘Destroyers Of The Faith’ ain’t just a smart play-on-words on JUDAS PRIEST (‘Destroyers Of The Faith’ vs ‘Defenders Of The Faith’ geddit?!) but THE epic/doom metal you’ve been waiting for, under the (un)holypatronage of BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS, SOLSTICE, COUNT RAVEN and IRON MAIDEN. Composed over a period of five months last year after the band’s first pure DIY yet successful European tour – including a prestigious apparition at the ‘Keep It True Festival’ in Germany – and their first recording featuring new drummer Francisco Aguirre, what you have here are six tracks for over 47 minutes of supreme doom. The soon-to-be-classics ‘Destroyers Of The Faith’ includes the intro “Hyperion” (“a bombastic slow-tempo invitation to raise from/through dark voids” as guitarist and vocalist Felipe Plaza Kutzbach), a re-recording of ‘Burn’ highlight “The Road To The Gravegarden” in an even heavier version with a guest solo par former REVEREND BIZARRE and current LORD VICAR master Peter Vicar, plus the grandiose finale of “White Coffin”. After lingering in slumber for too long, the epic/doom metal scene had finally awakened over the last years. Alas the sudden demise of both REVEREND BIZARRE and WARNING almost proved to be fatal blow to the scene and a new leader is urgently needed to show the way. Enter PROCESSION and ‘Destroyers Of The Faith’, one monster of an album to rule them all. Salvation may not be around the corner but pure metal bliss and heavy-fucking RIFFS are. Rejoice! [Info from Doomentia Records catalogue]

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