Procession - The Cult Of Disease, DigiCD

Procession - The Cult Of Disease, DigiCD

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When what officially presented as an EP (despite its original running time of 46 minutes) was... mehr
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When what officially presented as an EP (despite its original running time of 46 minutes) was first released in early 2009 on Germany’s IRON KODEX RECORDS, only the true diehards doom fanatics had heard of PROCESSION before. Formed in 2006 in Valparaiso Chile by guitarist and vocalist Felipe Plaza Kutzbach, the band had by then only put out one three songs demo tape (‘Burn’), recorded in February 2008 with Felipe playing all the instruments but the bass, handled by DARK TEMPLAR’s Daniel Pérez Saa, and distributed in only 200 copies. Except that ‘Burn’ was no ordinary debut but simply one of the best ‘true doom’ demos of the last decade. An epic journey whose peak was the nine-minutes long “The Road To Gravegarden”, an instant classic recently re-recorded for the band’s first proper full-length also out on DOOMENTIA, ‘ Destroyers Of The Faith’… So when IRON KODEX decided the following year to release ‘The Cult Of Disease’ EP, three newer tracks recorded in the fall with a now three-piece band, thanks to the addition of BATTLERAGE’s Francisco Vera on drums and with the ‘Burn’ demo tracks as bonus, PROCESSION were instantly greeted as doom-metal new saviours and soon invited to play at the 12th edition of the famous ‘Keep It True Festival’ on April 25th 2009, along fellow doomsters THE GATES OF SLUMBER or THE ATLANTEAN KODEX. Initially released on respectively 1,000 (CD) and 525 (LP) copies only and long sold-out, it thus makes sense to see the three tracks of ‘The Cult Of Disease’ EP now being reborn along two exclusive to this release live tracks curled from that historical gig, where the band performed with POEMA ARCANUS’ Luis Moya behind the drumkit. Housed in a beautiful digipack true to DOOMENTIA high standards as usual, here is your chance to once again catch up with the beginnings of a doom legend in the making! [Info from Doomentia Records catalogue]

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