Revelation (USA) - Never Comes Silence, CD

Revelation (USA) - Never Comes Silence, CD

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Coming into their sophomore album, Revelation ended up losing their bass player, Bert Hall (to... mehr
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Coming into their sophomore album, Revelation ended up losing their bass player, Bert Hall (to pursue other music) and recruited Josh Hart. The album started off as a demo and was also the album where the band felt like they had corrected their mistakes on the “Salvation’s Answer” debut. Shortly after they finished writing the entire album, the band had good fortune to meet up with Hellhound Records who happened to be signing a lot of the local Doom Metal bands. This album is sort of a tribute to hard times John Brenner was going through and shortly after the album came out, he left the band until the turn of the century. This is a staple album in the Doom Metal genre and surely is a great mix of Black Sabbath and Rush, which could be considered as Progressive Doom if you want to get technical. There’s a bonus gig on the multimedia CD that you can watch on your computer with this line up of John, Josh, and Steve. 1. Against Nature 2. Ashes 3. The Unbearable Vision 4. Frustrations 5. One Last Step 6. Spectre 7. Wounds Which Never Heal 8. Unreal 9. Never Comes Silence Enchanced CD Live at Spectator's Frederick, MD January 13, 1993 Final show with John Brenner and Josh Hart Soundboard recording (first song cuts in late) 1. One Last Step 2. Infinite Nothingness 3. Never Comes Silence Part 2 4. Unreal 5. Wounds Which Never Heal 6. Poets And Paupers 7. Long After Midnight TV John Show, 1992 1. Poets And Paupers 2. Wounds Which Never Heal [Info from Shadow Kingdom Records]
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