Dark Quarterer - s/t, 2CD

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80's heavy metal fans are always on that never ending quest to find those hidden heavy metal gems... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Quarterer - s/t, 2CD"
80's heavy metal fans are always on that never ending quest to find those hidden heavy metal gems that were either lost, forgotten, or even unheard of. SKR loves to bring these gems into the light before they're forgotten forever. Even with the technology we have today, there are recordings that will be lost forever. Thankfully we've heard virtually everything that's out there and we know that it JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! Dark Quarterer is the very BEST heavy metal album that came out of Italy in the 80's. When you hear the original recording, it's going to be hard for some people to get past the raw and inadequate equipment they had to record this. If you can however, get past the abysmal production, this is one of the best-written metal albums in not only Italy, but worldwide! The songwriting alone is near perfection. We've tried to restore the original recording with a re-mastering, but there wasn't much we could do to improve it. It is better than anything floating around the Internet though. With that being said, the band was well aware of the flaws of the original release and as a bonus they've re-recorded the entire original album with a new and more powerful sound, and with some newer twists to the original songwriting. This is doomy epic progressive heavy metal of the highest caliber with wailing falsetto vocals that will rip through your soul! They call themselves the "Founders of Epic-Progressive Metal". [Info from Shadow Kingdom Records catalogue]
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