Ataraxia - Lost Atlantis, DigiCD

Ataraxia - Lost Atlantis, DigiCD

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«Harmony was generated by chaos, and then, it was chaos again. Who will be worthy of carrying the... mehr
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«Harmony was generated by chaos, and then, it was chaos again. Who will be worthy of carrying the flower of knowledge? The golden stem of wisdom?» After 11 years from its first press, it will be finally available again, in a new digipack edition, digitally mastered, of one of the most appreciated albums of ATARAXIA! "LOST ATLANTIS" embodies the ancestral myth of the well-known sunked land, an inheritage of all our subconscious wherever we come from. Legends say that about 50.000 years ago two important civilizations fought a terrible war leading them to disappearance. The resulf of all this was being sunken by the oceans. Before disappearing they thought to leave signs to the future inhabitants of the earth in order they wouldn't have done the same mistakes, these traces are present in many ancient buildings like some pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and in some Mediterranean and Oceanic islands. We visited some of those sites, we studied some ancient codex, we mixed the founts more linked to ancient Greece and the disappearance of the Minoic civilization with legends based on the costumes of different civilizations, philosophies, traditions, we trusted our sensitivity and we transformed all of this in a musical suggestion. We have tried to describe the mythic origin of man through symbols creating a pagan opera that owns a sacral taste. The genesis, the beginning, a far away past that could be a sort of warning for the future, the chance that human beings have to cancel everything again without observing, meditating on the signs left by some ancient philosophers, thinkers and wise-men. We have tried to capture the sounds of both the Mediterranean sea and the ocean , you can perceive a timeless suspension, a sort of respect for crystalized things, a strong spiritual atmosphere. [Info from Twilight Records catalogue]
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