Dragonne - On Dragon's Wings, CD

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  • NSP-17660
  • No Remorse Records
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Label: No Remorse Records Year of release: 2022 Limitation: 500 Condition: NEW/mint... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dragonne - On Dragon's Wings, CD"

Label: No Remorse Records

Year of release: 2022

Limitation: 500

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: DRAGONNE from Los Angeles, California, is a cult US heavy / power metal, having all the special elements and characteristics that made metal bands of that era so marvelous. Having the usual IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST flavour, DRAGONNE are recommended for fans of bands such as GLACIER, LEATHERWOLF and MALICE.

"On Dragon's Wings" was recorded in 1987-1988 and produced by Jeff Scott Soto. The recording line-up was Jerry Colman (vocals), Aaron Lee Appleton (guitars), Alan Bryant (bass) and Danny Einspahr (drums). It was privately released on vinyl only, in 1988, and the original limited vinyl pressing is an extremely rare collectors' item. Now it is finally released for the first time officially on CD, newly mastered by Bart Gabriel and packed with 4 unreleased bonus tracks. Comes with a 16-page booklet including lyrics and many rare photos.

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