Mactätus - Provenance of Cruelty, LP

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  • NSP-17915.1
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Release date: May 5th, 2023 Reissue of the band's brilliant second album from 1998, for the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mactätus - Provenance of Cruelty, LP"

Release date: May 5th, 2023

Reissue of the band's brilliant second album from 1998, for the first time ever on vinyl, featuring the original artwork and audio master, under exclusive license from Napalm Records.

Comes with printed innersleeve, limited to 111 copies on amber/bone swirl vinyl (NSP exclusive, one copy per customer while stock lasts!), 222 copies on bone/black swirl vinyl and 333 copies on amber/black galaxy vinyl.

"Provenance of Cruelty" is the second album of Mactätus, originally released by Napalm Records in late 1998. At the time of its release the hype for Scandinavian Black Metal in general and Symphonic and Melodic Black Metal in particular was already declining, following milestones such as Emperor's "In the Nightside Eclipse", Dimmu Borgir's "Stormblåst", Mörk Gryning's "Tusen år har gått", Gehenna's "Second Spell" or Limbonic Art's "Moon in the Scorpio". The result was that at the time of their release in late 1998 equally brilliant Symphonic Black Metal albums such as Odium's "The Sad Realm of the Stars" or Mactätus' "Provenance of Cruelty" were not as appreciated by a majority of fans as the earlier classics before them and remained a bit obscure and underrated for quite some time. While that changed later for Odium's debut album when it gained the underground cult status it deserves, "Provenance of Cruelty" somewhat suffered from the added drawback of being released by a label that at the time was already more focused on Gothic Metal, and also not necessarily one of the "cult" labels of the time. This, however, is definitely an album that belongs in every Symphonic or Melodic Black Metal collection and fans of the aforementioned albums should definitely check it out if they don't know it yet!

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