Faidra - Militant : Penitent : Triumphant, LP

Faidra - Militant : Penitent : Triumphant, LP

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  • NSP-18477.2
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Release date: December 1st, 2023 Limited editions of 100 copies on black/orange/white striped... mehr
Produktinformationen "Faidra - Militant : Penitent : Triumphant, LP"

Release date: December 1st, 2023

Limited editions of
100 copies on black/orange/white striped vinyl called "Militant : Penitent : Triumphant" edition
100 copies on clear/orange cloudy vinyl called "Flames of Purgatory" edition
200 copies on orange/black marble vinyl
300 copies on black/white galaxy vinyl
incl. printed innersleeve and download.

The two 100 copies editions are available exclusively from Northern Silence, one copy per customer while stock lasts! The images are digital mockups. The actual vinyls may look slightly different.

Following the incredible success of the debut, the second full length, entitled ”Militant, Penitent, Triumphant”, builds on this rock solid foundation. It showcases the unique sound and song structures that so many people appreciated about “Six Voices Inside”, thus making it instantly recognizable as none other than Faidra. To keep that typical sound and atmosphere was indeed a very conscious decision. The familiar structures, ambient synth sounds and slow tempos from the first album are present and continue that tradition, while also including occasional new elements and influences.

The work on this new album started almost immediately after the release of the debut album, knowing that it would take a long time to complete because of rather limited free time. The project was worked on from time to time during almost three years without a consistent work flow, where sometimes months passed by without a single note recorded.

Where the debut tackled a lot of different subjects, the new album has a very specific theme running through almost every track. The larger concept handles the themes of sin, penitence and redemption; also mirroring the title of the album, which are the three states of the Catholic church.

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