Nachtgnawer / Wulfseer - Unholy Vampyric Supremacy, MCD

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  • NSP-18643
  • Purity Through Fire
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Label: Purity Through Fire Year of release: 2023 Limitation: Undisclosed Condition:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Nachtgnawer / Wulfseer - Unholy Vampyric Supremacy, MCD"

Label: Purity Through Fire

Year of release: 2023

Limitation: Undisclosed

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: Hailing from the always-fertile Finnish black metal scene, NACHTGNAWER are a power-trio who include among their ranks concurrent members of labelmates LICHT DES URTEILS, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN, CORAXUL, RIIVAUS, and NÔIDVA among others. Following a demo last year (which PURITY THROUGH FIRE reissued earlier this year), NACHTGNAWER now unveil a special EP featuring fellow Finnish comrade WOLFSEER. United in vampyric blood, Unholy Vampyric Supremacy isn't so much a regular split release between the two entities as it is a collaborative record. The tracklisting alternates tracks between the two, with NACHTGNAWER delivering black metal and WOLFSEER ambient, but the way the seven-song/18-minute EP plays out creates a haunting (and, at times, jarring) fever dream. For his part, WOLFSEER has years of experience in dark ambient and dungeon synth under other monikers, but here does he deliver shamanistic soundscapes that seemingly reverberate from centuries away. NACHTGNAWER are as nasty as you'd expect, given their considerable pedigree, but temper their traditional Finnish filth with copious amounts of cryogenic melody and a busier, more restless approach to songwriting. Sparse their discography may be so far, but NACHTGNAWER are no doubt on the march... If you want blood, Unholy Vampyric Supremacy's got it!

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