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Back on Black 2010. NEW/mint condition. Gatefold, 180g black vinyl. "Belus will be the first... mehr
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Back on Black 2010. NEW/mint condition. Gatefold, 180g black vinyl.

"Belus will be the first album to be released after Varg Vikernes' May 2009 parole from prison, where he served almost 16 years of a 21-year murder sentence. In November 2009, he announced an upcoming release of the new album, initially titled Den Hvite Guden ("The White God" in Norwegian). It is dedicated to the White God, known across Europe, according to Vikernes, under different names, such as Apollo, Baldr, Belenus, Belus, Bragi, Belobog, Jarilo and others. In December 2009, Vikernes announced changing of the title to Belus due to what he described was a backlash against the perceived racist nature of the album. Vikernes maintains that the previous title had nothing to do with skin colour and racism, but was simply a reflection of Baldr being associated with light. The names used in the track titles are the supposed Proto-Indo-European names of the gods of European mythology. Belus is analogous to the Norse god Baldr. Lukan is analogous to Loki. Kaimadalthas is equivalent to Heimdallr and Hermóðr (who Vikernes believes were initially the same god, Haimaþellar). Kelio is equivalent to the Norse Hel as well as Hades from the Greek mythology. The album is 52 minutes long, containing nine metal tracks and an ambient intro, with lyrics entirely in Norwegian. The album endeavours to explore the ancient European myths concerning Belus: his death, his journey through the underworld and his return. Despite expressing displeasure with the modern state of the black metal culture, described as a severely degraded version of the early Norwegian black metal scene, Vikernes does not intend to change the style of his music, stating that the new album will bear similarity to Hvis lyset tar oss and Filosofem. At the same time, the new album will not be a rehash of the previously released materials, as Vikernes claims to have "evolved" over time. However, like many of his other albums, Belus will feature older tracks: the unreleased prior "Uruk-Hai" from 1988–1989 (with lyrics and title modified to fit the new concept), as well as "Dauði Baldrs", included on the eponymous album. The album's lyrics were later uploaded to the official Burzum website, although the tracklist was also updated, omitting the tracks "Besøk til Kelio", "Alvenes dans" and "Alvegavene" for as of yet unexplained reasons." [Info from Wikipedia]

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