Dornenreich - Schwellenklänge, 12-LP WOODEN BOX

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  • NSP-14448
  • Prophecy Productions
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Dornenreich's entire discography is released on vinyl for the first time ever in one massive... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dornenreich - Schwellenklänge, 12-LP WOODEN BOX"

Dornenreich's entire discography is released on vinyl for the first time ever in one massive wooden box. Titled "Schwellenklänge", it contains all of the group's eight albums alongside demo "Mein Flügelschlag" and an additional LP with collected bonus tracks. This makes for twelve vinyls overall, which are put in padded inner sleeves and uniformly printed, die-cut, spined outer sleeves. The box is manufactured from sturdy spruce and embellished with a branding on the lid. Apart from the LPs, it also contains a 72-page, large-format hardcover book with all lyrics, a preface by Eviga and a consummate interview on the band's history. The lyrics are featured in both German and as English translation. Lastly, the collection comes with high-quality art prints, showing the covers of all eight albums and the demo. Eviga: "Putting together this box took a very long time. Now we are relieved and happy to offer you our entire body of work so far in such a beautiful way." "Schwellenklänge" is limited to 500 copies worldwide. [Info from Prophecy Productions catalogue]

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