Gris - Il Etait Une Foret, 2LP

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  • NSP-14602.1
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Release date: April 12th, 2019. Reissue of this masterpiece under exclusive license from... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gris - Il Etait Une Foret, 2LP"

Release date: April 12th, 2019.

Reissue of this masterpiece under exclusive license from Sepulchral Productions. Gris' second album "Il etait une foret" arguably is one of the best Depressive Black Metal albums of all time. The CD is one of the top sellers of the excellent Sepulchral Productions label and demand for it is still high more than 10 years after its initital release on CD - a dead sure sign of a classic.

Originally released on vinyl through Northern Silence in 2009, the first pressings of this DLP now fetch prices among collectors of 100 Euro and more. Thus, due to the ongoing high demand for another vinyl pressing, it was decided to reissue the DLP with similar but not identical packaging, on different vinyl colours, and this time also including a poster. The first repressings were sold exclusively by NSP and Sepulchral Prod. and are sold out.

This is the second repress: - 2x 12" vinyl limited to 111 copies on 180g sunset orange vinyl (LAST COPIES!) and 222 copies on 180g moss green vinyl (SOLD OUT!) - side D etched - gatefold cover - printed innersleeves - 8-page 12" booklet - two different logo stickers - A2 poster

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