Abysmal Grief - Abysmal Grief [purple], LP

Abysmal Grief - Abysmal Grief [purple], LP

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  • NSP-10521
  • Black Widow Records
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Black Widow Records 2007. NEW/mint condition. Ltd. 100 on purple vinyl. The concept of the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Abysmal Grief - Abysmal Grief [purple], LP"

Black Widow Records 2007. NEW/mint condition. Ltd. 100 on purple vinyl.

The concept of the music of Abysmal Grief is based on the medianic relations with the World Beyond and the inner spiritual research by the divination of the deceased. The deep contemplation of the funereal mysticism (far from every kind of religious conviction and connected to a serious and objective interpretation of occult texts) provides the starting point for the drawing up of the lyrics, often inspired also by the interest in the Horror cinematography and literature. The music is partly influenced by the Dark Rock of the Seventies and mostly by the tradition of the Italian Dark Sound, and must be considered as a sort of soundtrack for the narrations. Moreover, the songs contained in this work go back to the period 1999\2004 and have been assembled here for the same esoterical contextualization, as the sum of the occult studies of the band so far. "To be born, to die, to be reborn again and to always progress, that is the Law." Essential for fans of early Death SS, Candlemass, S. Vitus, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Paul Chain, Jacula & Antonius Rex! [Info from Black Widow Records catalogue]

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