Deadmask/Jess and the Ancient Ones [black], 7"

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Gatefold, ltd. 500 on black vinyl Yes, adding to an already long and glorious list of splits,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Deadmask/Jess and the Ancient Ones [black], 7""

Gatefold, ltd. 500 on black vinyl Yes, adding to an already long and glorious list of splits, DOOMENTIA have once again convinced two talented bands to share a colourful piece of wax, namely JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES and DEADMASK. If the former, led by three members of DEATHCHAIN, have already made waves earlier this year with their fantastic debut album (on SVART RECORDS), the later, showcasing a very surprising side of MACHETAZO blastmaster’s personality, is a far more discreet entity, having released so far only one EP on PSYCHEDOOMELIC RECORDS back in 2007. But as different as they may look like, both have the same fascination for 70’s doom-rock, vintage prog and both have a female singer whose bewitching vocals just add to the overall occult vibe of the music presented. So here it is, a glorious twelve minutes trip back in time when COVEN, early BLACK SABBATH and BLACK WIDOW advocated the left hand path in such a seductive and venomous way… [Info from Doomentia Records catalogue]

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