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About Northern Silence:

Northern Silence Productions is a German underground label focused mainly on Black Metal and related styles. It was founded in 2003 by label owner Torsten Suess, who ran it by himself until June 2020. In July 2020 Lee Lorenz was employed, and in March 2021 Carolin Meyer, so at this point the label consists of three people. In July 2021 the sole trader Northern Silence was turned into the Northern Silence Productions GmbH & Co. KG.

Since its founding Northern Silence has become one of the more noteworthy labels especially in the Atmospheric Black Metal community. The primary focus lies on signing new/unknown acts, helping them to spread their music to a worldwide audience and grow into respectable, well-known and much loved artists in the process. Successful examples are Caladan Brood, Gallowbraid, Woods of Desolation, Saor, Eldamar, Heretoir, Nasheim, Angantyr, Belenos, Faidra and Cân Bardd, among others.

The label used to have two subdivisions – Eyes Like Snow & Beneath Grey Skies - which focused on Doom/Heavy Metal and Alternative/Gothic Rock, respectively. Both are currently on hold.

Northern Silence does not have any religious or political agenda or affiliations. The label’s founder, as a unique focal point of the divine, follows the way of Advaita Vedanta and allows all seeming expressions of creation to be as they are, understanding that their nature is of his own making and ultimately completely illusory.

The Northern Silence mailorder, with over 5000 individual titles in stock, is meant to be a source for Metal fans from all over the world to get the music they enjoy in physical format, as well as merchandise of their favorite bands. The focus lies on Black Metal but releases of other more or less Metal-related subgenres and Dungeon Synth are offered as well.

Northern Silence runs a Bandcamp page (https://northernsilenceproductions.bandcamp.com/) through which most physical releases and many downloads of Northern Silence releases are sold. To stay informed about new releases as well as shop updates it is recommended to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

To check out Northern Silence releases, Bandcamp is certainly the ideal choice, but many of them are also available on Youtube, on the excellent channel “Black Metal Promotion”.

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