Furia (Pol) - Grudzien Za Grudniem, CD

Furia (Pol) - Grudzien Za Grudniem, CD

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• brand new full length studio album from after the highly acclaimed debut "Martwa Polska... mehr
Produktinformationen "Furia (Pol) - Grudzien Za Grudniem, CD"
• brand new full length studio album from after the highly acclaimed debut "Martwa Polska Jesien" • 7 brand new songs of grim poetry in unique and original FURIA style • full of emotions, variations and extremely potent black metal with excellent musicianship and a lot of originality • perfectly built and crafted monolith of atmosphere, cold hatred, nothingness, whirlwind of icy melodic riffing, blasting drums and evil, agonizing vocals • recommended for anyone into Taake, Deathspell Omega, Drudkh, Shinning • out on October 12th to celebrate 427th anniversary of a day that never came in history of Poland • this release shall be part of FURIA's admiration of nothingness, because one is definitely more interesting than everything that mankind could ever offer [Info from Pagan Records catalogue]
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