Kromlek - Finis Terrae, DigiCD

Kromlek - Finis Terrae, DigiCD

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Finis Terræ is Latin for „the end/edge of the world“. It is obvious that this term includes more... mehr
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Finis Terræ is Latin for „the end/edge of the world“. It is obvious that this term includes more than one single meaning. And as complex as the composition is the lyrical periphery of the album title. The most evident meaning is of course „the Apocalypse“ in all its moribund and mythological interpretations. That level is coined significantly by three main aspects: Kali Yuga [Hinduism], Apocalypse [the Gospel according to John/Christianity] & Ragnarök [Norse paganism]. The overlay of these three apocalyptic sceneries forms the very core of the whole concept. Another important level is the „end of the world“ from a cultural pessimist perspective combined with ecological issues and sociocritical points of view. But the interpretation of that level is totally up to the listener. A third level is a bandwise „end of the world“ for KromleK itself. Not in the vein of splitting up but in a steady progress of expansion of variety in both music and content.The „end of the world“ in that condition marks the borderland of our genre , which we don’t want to pass but break through. This output is the very beginning of our farewell from the „old world“ in which we worked from 2004 to 2010 and that dictated us its rules. From now on, we will dictate. The lyrics of FT are deliberately written in a cryptic way and differ profoundly from the ones of the former output „Strange rumours… distant tremors“. Beside a once more enhanced variety of languages [Sanskrit, Arabian, Norse, Latin, Swedish, English, German and many more] the hints in content go far beyond the spectres of Norse mythology. This concept is neither ancestor concerned nor reactionary but a retrospective of mankind’s mental/psychological history straight to the „point of no return“. This mental development is exemplified by a protagonist from whose perspective the lion’s share of lyrics is written. [Info from SMP Records catalogue] Reviews: Sheol Magazin 9/10 Sonic Seducer 9/10 10/10 9/10 The 9/10 Possessed Magazin 8/10 8/10 4,5/5 6/7 8/10 4,5/5 Heavy Hardes 5/6 Legacy Magazin 11/15 82/100
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