Nortt - Nattetale, 2CD DIGIBOOK

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  • NSP-14911
  • GS Productions
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Limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered double-CD pressing of the 1997 demo-album "Nattetale" by... mehr
Produktinformationen "Nortt - Nattetale, 2CD DIGIBOOK"

Limited to 300 copies, hand-numbered double-CD pressing of the 1997 demo-album "Nattetale" by Nortt, housed in a hardcover digibook made of black raw cardboard with silver hotfoil lettering.

The two CDs contain the original recording and the previously unpublished rehearsal version respectively, both re-mastered for CD.

Official statement about the “Nattetale” and “Døden…” CDs from GS Productions, Russia

It has come to my knowledge that the first two Nortt demos are being bootlegged by GSP. If you don’t mind bootlegs – most of us are guilty of having a bootleg or two in our collection – then by all means go ahead and order it, but no one should buy the pig in the poke, thinking that the GSP releases are official when they aren’t.

I didn’t contribute with master audio, artwork or permission for these releases. I am the only one who owns a digital copy of the demos, so the original source can only be a cassette tape. Apparently sound quality wasn’t the motivation behind the release, re-mastered or not.

As some of you might know, a “rehearsal” version of “Nattetale” exists, but a rehearsal version of “Døden…” doesn’t and never did. Regardless of what GSP claims to be featured on the second disc, it is not previously unreleased material by Nortt.

Personally, I wish these CDs would collect dust at the GSP office until man’s memory of Nortt has ceased to exist.

Darkest regards

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