Saros (USA) - Acrid Plains, DigiCD

Saros (USA) - Acrid Plains, DigiCD

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With the rise of new Bay Area talent continuing to loom, progressive metal act SAROS have been... mehr
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With the rise of new Bay Area talent continuing to loom, progressive metal act SAROS have been recognized (by audiences and peers alike) over the last while as one of the best new acts that the Bay Area has spawned. They made a good impression with their “Five Pointed Tongue” debut several years ago, but with their new masterwork “Acrid Plains”, Saros will simply display that there is such thing as creativity within the U.S. metal scene. Just that it dwells within the underground, naturally. With a myriad of styles and influences that make their way amongst the Saros musical canvas, Saros still manage to carve out a distinct identity that puts them alongside the elite, which comprises of such acts as Hammers Of Misfortune, Ludicra, Asunder, and Amber Asylum respectively. Featuring members from revered acts as BASTARD NOISE, Amber Asylum (mastermind Kris Force also makes a guest appearance on “Acrid Plains”, along with Saros also being known as Amber Asylum’s sister metal band), and the legendary Weakling, Saros meld influences that can be reflected with such genres as extreme progressive metal (later era DEATH), traditional epic metal (“…And Justice For All” era METALLICA), aristocratic metal (Hammers Of Misfortune), with a splash of Ludicra-esque black metal, chamber music (Amber Asylum), along with the neo folk sensibilities found within artists like DEATH IN JUNE and AGALLOCH. [Info from Profound Lore Records catalogue]
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