Tenebrae In Perpetuum/Krohm - Split, CD

Tenebrae In Perpetuum/Krohm - Split, CD

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SPECIAL PRICE while stock lasts! "Two artists of Italian ancestry combine to present a bleak,... mehr
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SPECIAL PRICE while stock lasts! "Two artists of Italian ancestry combine to present a bleak, foreboding mutual vision of Black Metal. A unique appreciation of all things dark and ancient, this collaboration features three lengthy contributions from each act, forged into a reciprocal work of rare depth and craft. TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM proffer three odes paying homage to their musical forebears, while KROHM bestows a trinity of tracks composed post-"A Haunting Presence". Here, we encounter a lesser-seen face of TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM: with a slower tempo, darker atmosphere and more obscure aura synonymous with their earliest days. KROHM's offerings, meanwhile, pay tribute to Numinas' home country, with inspiration drawn from long walks along the streets of the old world, breathing in the cold winter air." [Info from Debemur Morti catalogue]
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