Les Discrets/Arctic Plateau - Split, Digi-2CD

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  • NSP-10731
  • Prophecy Productions
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Ltd. 1000 Since Fursy Teyssier's work on the album artwork of Arctic Plateau's debut "On A Sad... mehr
Produktinformationen "Les Discrets/Arctic Plateau - Split, Digi-2CD"

Ltd. 1000 Since Fursy Teyssier's work on the album artwork of Arctic Plateau's debut "On A Sad Sunny Day" a special artistic relationship has flourished between the masterminds of the musical projects Les Discrets and Arctic Plateau. Now this friendship is being celebrated with the release of a limited split MCD. On Les Discrets' side of the split fans will get a first impression of the upcoming second album by Fursy Teyssier's band: "Le Mouvement Perpétuel" will also be featured on the upcoming album but comes as alternatively mixed/mastered version on this MCD only. "The Persuaders" is a cover version of the homonymous tv series' theme song and will exclusively be featured on this release! On Arctic Plateau's side the track "Music's like..." will offer a taste of the upcoming album "The Enemy Inside". The demo songs "Amethyst To 'F" and "Ivory" are of special historical relevance as these are the songs which led to the contract with Prophecy Productions in 2008 and are now being released for the first time ever and exclusive to this release. [Info from Prophecy Productions catalogue]

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