Spirits Burning - Alien Injection, CD

Spirits Burning - Alien Injection, CD

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SPIRITS BURNING is a free-will multi-participant association founded by American musician,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Spirits Burning - Alien Injection, CD"
SPIRITS BURNING is a free-will multi-participant association founded by American musician, composer and producer Don Falcone Alien Injection is the fourth album…mostly vocal affair that weaves through the sounds of space progressive rock, past, present, and future. Crew members include Daevid Allen (Gong), Michael Moorcock (Hawkwind), Pete Pavli (High Tide), Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond), Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), and many others….. Damn… nearly every track is a winner on this one and I'm tempted to go on at length on all of them, but I'll control myself and just describe a few of the other standouts so you'll get the idea. Anyway, "Augustus" starts off as a jazzy-proggy cosmic instrumental with a great electric/acoustic guitar combo from Doug Erickson and Dave Figoli, more tron from Don, and sax leads from Purjah (Quiet Celebration) that go beautifully with the mellotron lines. It flows along for a bit but then took me by surprise by launching into a killer space rock and prog jam. Overall this album really blew me away and is probably my favorite of the first four Spirits Burning albums. (Aural Innovation) [Info from Black Widow Records catalogue]
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