Dark Forest (UK) - Dawn Of Infinity, CD

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Label:Cruz Del Sur Music Cat#: CRUZ52 Media Condition: Mint (M)  Sleeve Condition:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dark Forest (UK) - Dawn Of Infinity, CD"

Label:Cruz Del Sur Music

Cat#: CRUZ52

Media Condition: Mint (M) 

Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


The philosophy behind Dark Forest has always been to play exciting, rousing, heartfelt heavy metal at its glorious best. Since formation in 2002 by guitarist Christian Horton and bassist Dave Batham, Dark Forest has constantly evolved and developed and continues to do so, combining a strong appreciation for the classical with the full blooded sound of a distinctly English brand of heavy metal. Dark Forest offers a technical yet fiercely passionate brand of music that defies categorization and all the stereotypes of the genre. After one full length release and two successful EPs (their 2009's vinyl edition of "Defender" sold out on pre-order!), DARK FOREST are striking again with the ambitious release of "Dawn of Infinity". The album fulfills the expectations placed in one of the most interesting bands in nowadays UK's metal scene, classic British metal composition matching folklore and Celtic soundings. Guitars lead the songwriting, with dueling moments of Iron Maidenesque tradition supported by a charismatic and operatic vocalist. DARK FOREST definitely stands as a new bright star in traditional Metal firmament! [Info from Cruz Del Sur Records catalogue]

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