Intoxicated - Rock'n'Roll Hellpatrol, CD

Intoxicated - Rock'n'Roll Hellpatrol, CD

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Label:Hells Headbangers Cat#: HELLS 102 Media Condition: Mint (M)  Sleeve Condition:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Intoxicated - Rock'n'Roll Hellpatrol, CD"

Label:Hells Headbangers

Cat#: HELLS 102

Media Condition: Mint (M) 

Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Fueled by sex, drinks, and Satan, INTOXICATED are coming to terrorize your town with their Rock N Roll Hellpatrol! Encompassing the entire spectrum of dirty, sleazy metalpunk from ancient times, INTOXICATED's Rock N Roll Hellpatrol debut charges forward like a motorcycle out of hell, billowing toxic smoke and violently shaking the foundations of everything it passes on its way to the next party to dominate and destroy. Each song here - whether it's "Crush Your Local Disco," "Lock Up Your Daughters," or the penultimate "Slutanic Speed Metal" is an anthem of annihilation, a harbinger of hedonism, a manifesto of maximalism: you can't escape the Rock N Roll Hellpatrol! Recommended for diehards of MOTORHEAD, RAZOR, BULLDOZER, CARNIVORE, and BROKEN BONES. [Info from Hell's Headbangers catalogue]

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