Sorcier Des Glaces - North, CD

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  • NSP-18713
  • Osmose Productions
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Label: Osmose Productions Year of release: 2023 Limitation: Undisclosed Condition:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sorcier Des Glaces - North, CD"

Label: Osmose Productions

Year of release: 2023

Limitation: Undisclosed

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: "North" is a special chapter for Sorcier Des Glaces. Having been composed and partially recorded at the same time as "Snowland MMXII" and "Ritual of the End", this chapter was experimented with a much more powerful and cleaner production. Some moments of very fast blast beats, others calmer and more atmospheric, North is like a journey beyond the black glaciers, on a northern restless sea filled with human souls that have been banished from this world long ago. The song "North" was written in 1995, and was originally intended for the former band Moonlyght, of which both members of Sorcier Des Glaces were members.

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