Chemical Breath - Values [grey/black marble - 100], LP

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  • NSP-19310
  • VIC Records
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Label: VIC Records  Year of release: 2024 Vinyl colour: Grey / Black Marble... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chemical Breath - Values [grey/black marble - 100], LP"

Label: VIC Records 

Year of release: 2024

Vinyl colour: Grey / Black Marble

Limitation: 100

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: Insert. CHEMICAL BREATH was one of the first extreme metal bands from Belgium. The band was formed in 1990 and released two demos and two full lengths during their eight years of existence. The demos gained the band a cult following in the death metal underground. The rather complex extreme metal was highly appreciated among fans and led to a two album record deal. The CHEMICAL BREATH debut album ‘Fatal Exposure’ was released in 1992. Second album ‘Values ‘ from 1994 showed a little change in style, more technical thrash and less pure death metal. Maybe a influenced by the earlier American technical thrash bands (Watchtower, Forbidden), and  on the other side the later Death albums from Chuck Schuldiner, but it doesn’t sound much like any of these influences. The band's trajectory from death/thrash to technical thrash bears comparison with Sindrome, who made a similar move a couple of years before (on "Vault of Inner Conscience") complex, stuttering post-thrash with gruff vocals. Maybe Values  is an album somewhere in between "Individual Thought Patterns" by Death and "Destroy Erase Improve" (Meshuggah). Liner notes from both guitar players Rene and Alain!

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