Ad Mortem - In Honorem Mortis, CD

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  • NSP-19332
  • Purity Through Fire
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Label: Purity Through Fire Year of release: 2024 Limitation: Undisclosed  Condition:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ad Mortem - In Honorem Mortis, CD"

Label: Purity Through Fire

Year of release: 2024

Limitation: Undisclosed 

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: AD MORTEM dispense with any subtlety and go for the throat quickly and calculatingly. While the eight hymns comprising their debut album hover around the five-minute mark, everything on In Honorem Mortis sounds irrepressibly urgent. Mind you, the quartet's songwriting isn't categorically "all speed, all the time" - their shifting of gears, from strength & honor gallop to pistons-pumping blast, is as fluid as it comes - but their execution of such puts AD MORTEM in rarefied territory: seamlessly flowing, even swinging, making their martial thrust all the more mesmerizing. Of course, the German tongue makes their black metal bite harder, and wrapped in polished-yet-powerful production, the gleaming chrome one witnesses on In Honorem Mortis is but the blade of their sword about to deliver its fatal blow. Bow before AD MORTEM and feel their sweet release!

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