Aquilus - Bellum II [brown/yellow galaxy - 199], 2LP

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  • NSP-19544
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Release date: June 7th, 2024 Limited edition of 199 copies on brown/yellow galaxy vinyl, incl.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Aquilus - Bellum II [brown/yellow galaxy - 199], 2LP"

Release date: June 7th, 2024

Limited edition of 199 copies on brown/yellow galaxy vinyl, incl. gatefold cover and download. Whereas the first two editions were available exclusively from Northern Silence and Aquilus, this edition will also be available through our partner labels and a select few other mailorders.

The image is a digital mockup. The actual vinyls may look slightly different.

Aquilus is an atmospheric metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The works encompass different styles of atmospheric music inspired by classical, folk, and other genres. Primarily a one man project composed/produced by Horace Rosenqvist, it also features the addition of session musicians, and now has a full 6 member live band with Zebadee Scott (Drums), Hayley Anderson (Violin), Sara Orania (Keyboard), Mortimer Bellchambers (Guitar), and Daniel Green (Bass).

Being conceived sometime in the early 2000’s, after some experimental demos and an EP “Arbor” in 2007, Aquilus released their debut album Griseus, created soley by Rosenqvist, on CD through ATMF in 2011. A 2013 vinyl release by Blood Music raised the band into public consciousness, and Griseus slowly amassed a following of devoted fans, climbing its way to being voted one of the top albums of the decade on MetalStorm.

For eight years, an epic, sophomore masterwork was in-the-making. So legendary, in fact, that fans hardly believe it existed. The opus grew so furiously, the decision was ultimately made to split the work into two albums, culminating with the release of the first album, Bellum I in 2021, and then the second album, Bellum II in 2024.

Bellum I and II showcase the band’s rare amalgam of authentic classical, European folk and black metal influences, alongside Aquilus’s unique multi-instrumentation and compositional complexity. Depending on the piece, instruments used range from an assortment of acoustic guitars to pianos, violins, mandolas, mandolins, balalaika, banjo, gusli, bow psaltery, and fipple flutes among others. Metal influences, ranging from early Metallica to the early works of Solefald, Opeth and Katatonia, combine with the classical romanticism of Rachmaninov and Chopin, to the soundtrack textures of Bernard Herrmann and Thomas Newman.

The amount of time, thought and detail gone into the works is immense. Many years of dedication have been put in to produce the best works possible. Now the world can hear ‘Bellum’ in its entirety. ‘Bellum I’ and ‘Bellum II’ being essentially one colossal album split into two releases, both written and recorded at the same time. ‘Bellum II’ is the more mellow of the two albums, but still contains its dark and heavy moments, albeit with longer expansive tracks and some different shades not seen on ‘Bellum I’. Immerse yourself in the conclusive chapter of the journey of Bellum.

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