Kerbenok - O, A5DigiCD

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  • NSP-05782
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Special collectors edition in A5 Digipack, ltd. to 1000 copies! The music of Kerbenok... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kerbenok - O, A5DigiCD"

Special collectors edition in A5 Digipack, ltd. to 1000 copies!

The music of Kerbenok represents nature spirit. There is none which isn't involved in the circle of nature, the immortal soul and the magic of percepting and creating countless realities into the one and everlasting - surrounding and flowing through us. Kerbenok has a deeply positive attitude and stands for wisdom, consciousness and creativity. "O" is the much anticipated debut album of this exceptional German band and without doubt it will appeal to fans of creative, emotional, nature-inspired "Black" Metal such as Negura Bunget, early Ulver & In The Woods as well as Agalloch, Drautran and early Borknagar. Besides the music, which has been arranged with utmost love and care for details, the artwork and layout of this release stands out as a true gem of creativity and art. The 16-page booklet presents the lyrics embedded in gorgeous images that show Mother Nature in all her wonderful aspects.

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