Nasheim - Solens Vemod, DigiCD

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  • NSP-12094
  • Northern Silence Productions
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The actual debut album of NASHEIM - "Solens Vemod" has been anticipated by many since shortly... mehr
Produktinformationen "Nasheim - Solens Vemod, DigiCD"

The actual debut album of NASHEIM - "Solens Vemod" has been anticipated by many since shortly after their last official release, the split with ANGANTYR in 2007. During all these years we kept receiving requests from fans when the album would finally be released, but all we could tell them was that dead silence reigns in Nasheim. Then, out of the blue (or black, if you will), mastermind and sole remaining bandmember Erik sends us the finished master and album artwork for "Solens Vemod", and we're not just delighted but totally blown away! If an album was worth waiting six years for, then it's this one. This is NASHEIM the way it conquered the dark hearts of many fans in the Black Metal underground. All the distinguishing qualities are still there, and if there were any improvements possible in the first place, such as a more powerful production or using a real cello and violin instead of synths, they have been made during the long years of writing and recording this album. There can be no doubt that for many people "Solens Vemod" will become a close contender for the album of the year 2014, and nothing more needs to be said. Let the music speak for itself!

The CD comes in 8-page digipack with exclusive artwork from R. Jonsson, and is limited to 1900 copies.

Review Ratings: 9/10 - Against Magazine 9.5/10 - 8.5/10 - 8/10 - 13/15 - Legacy Mag 85/100 - 9/10 - 8/10 - 9/10 - 8/10 - 8.5/10 - 88/100 - 8.5/10 - 9.5/10 - 8/10 - 8/10 - 4.5/5 - 9/10 -

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