Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes [silver/black - 99], LP

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  • NSP-11884
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Limited edition of 99 copies. NEW/mint condition. Includes: - gatefold cover - printed 250g... mehr
Produktinformationen "Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes [silver/black - 99], LP"

Limited edition of 99 copies. NEW/mint condition.

- gatefold cover
- printed 250g cardboard innersleeve
- A2 poster
- black/silver blend vinyl

With "No More Heroes" Soror Dolorosa have created another monument to the great spirit of the 80s. Like their highly acclaimed debut, their sophomore album contains nothing but excellent songs that are deeply rooted in the 80s Gothic Rock scene and hint at their main influences, cult acts like The Cure, Bauhaus or The Sisters Of Mercy. However, Soror Dolorosa don't copy the originals. They don't need to. They keep growing to eventually become one of the cult acts themselves. The consistently high quality of all their material in the past and on the new album, as well as their flawless performance in the studio and on stage, attest to the tremendous talent of this band. Once again, there are no fillers on this release as is often the case with bands who produce one or two hits per album and the rest just doesn't match up. Every single one of these tracks has the potential to become a fave, be it the catchy up-tempo numbers or the more melancholic and gloomy songs. The band often alternates between these styles which creates an excellent flow throughout the whole release that keeps the listener attentive and yet completely absorbed in the music itself. There's no doubt that Soror Dolorosa once again managed to create of of the year's highlights, and as they have proven again and again on stage (on their successful EU tours with Alcest & Les Discrets or with Heirs, as well as their headliner gigs) here's a band that is destined to greatness and, given the chance, can easily compete with the best. 14/15 - Legacy Mag 6.5/7 - 8/10 - 9/10 - 4/5 - 84/100 - 8.5/10 -

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