Valkyrie - Man Of Two Visions [orange splatter - 100], LP

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  • NSP-08852
  • Kreation Records
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Kreation Records 2009. Ltd. 100 copies on orange splatter vinyl. NEW/mint condition. Sophomore... mehr
Produktinformationen "Valkyrie - Man Of Two Visions [orange splatter - 100], LP"

Kreation Records 2009. Ltd. 100 copies on orange splatter vinyl. NEW/mint condition.

Sophomore album from these incredibly talented musicians. The follow up to their self titled album will not disappoint. Very well written and played. So good..... Review: Those who've witnessed Valkyrie on stage know the difficulty the band faces in capturing that live magic on record. The Virginia-based four-piece is truly electrifying, playing like each show is the last. Obviously, it's that relentless, take no prisoners approach that's the hardest to recreate when the tape's rolling, but Man of Two Visions comes close enough to hammer home the central strength of the group – their ability to fuse classic rock with classic metal and classic doom. It's The Scorpions' In Trance and all of the essential Thin Lizzy records mixed with the first two Iron Maiden albums and leavened with a crushing dose of Pentagram and St Vitus. That's best exemplified on “Apocalypse Unsealed” (once upon a time known as “Valkyrie”). The song begins with a Wino-worthy passage before launching into a galloping riff that serves as the bedrock for a litany of solos that keep ratcheting up the intensity level. Guitarists Jake and Pete Adams play off each other and then lock together in a harmonized attack before breaking off yet again. They're epic without being solemn; in fact, it's just downright fun listening to those two stretch out. And while there's plenty of blistering leads on Man of Two Visions, it's never an overindulgence at the expense of the songs. The band (rounded out by Warren Hawkins on drums and Will Barry-Rec on bass) knows structure, they know how to write material that's going to stand the test of time (including two instrumentals that take the band in more mellow, melodic directions). Wait, does that mean this Man of Two Visions is a classic? You bet your ass it is. Recommended. - Review by John Pegoraro [Info from Kreation Records catalogue]

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