NSP 186 : MALIST - To Mantle the Rising Sun DigiCD

The CD comes as Collectors Edition in 4-panel Digipack with 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.

"To Mantle the Rising Sun" is the second album by Melodic Black Metal band Malist, on which the artist continues the musical journey started on last year's debut with even more genre-crossing ambition, drawing inspiration from bands like Lord Belial, Immortal, Sargeist, Fen & Woods of Desolation.

Powerful riffs, melodic layering, diverse vocals & atmospheric elements are woven into this musical venture of battles & mournful fates, sending the listener to the outer surface of the underground Karst Realm, where the lyrical hero is on his way to meet the tyrant King - an encounter to set his life's purpose once and for all...

Also available will be limited shirts for this album and the debut.

Release date: April 24th, 2020


"Overall, Ovfrost did a wonderful job here of combining traditional Black Metal elements with modern, doleful melodies and even some Progressive elements, in the cadence of some of the tracks. Ovfrost also does a nice job of layering which keeps the tracks intriguing, and builds on the melodies like a seasoned songwriter. It’s a wonderful album, full of surprises, but still retaining that core Black Metal sound, and the album cover is fantastic as well!" - 8/10

"Fazit: Auf dem aktuellen Longplayer wird klassischer Black Metal mit atmosphärischen und progressiven Elementen dargeboten, der gekonnt Moderne und Tradition miteinander verknüpft. Ein Album, das nicht sofort zündet, sondern erst nach mehrfachen Durchläufen sein ganzes Spektrum an musikalischen Schönheiten entfaltet." - 8.5/10



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