Partner program (Read this - there are gifts in here for you!)

Something that has just been added to the new shop but not thoroughly tested yet is the new partner program. 

Essentially, this will allow all customers who have ordered from the new shop for at least 50 Euro to generate special links to the shop or certain items therein which they can share on the web to earn vouchers for the shop. These links contain a unique code that connects the customer account of the one who created the link to all orders from people who use that link to visit the Northern Silence shop and buy something. 

In other words:

By sharing these links on the web (in forums, in your blog or online zine if you have one, on Facebook or other social media, and so on) you earn 2% of the net order value of all orders that happen because someone used your link to buy from our shop! That money will be credited to your customer account automatically, and once your balance reaches a certain value you can create vouchers (5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 Euro) to use in the shop.

So if you're an active sharer of Northern Silence shop links and lead many new customers to us, then you can probably earn enough money to buy on a regular basis from our shop and never pay a single cent. Please don't spam, though! We would have to deactivate the account if people complain.

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