Gernotshagen - Weltenbrand, DigiCD

Gernotshagen - Weltenbrand, DigiCD

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New album! As you all know, patience is rewarded the more, the more long one can bear the... mehr
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New album! As you all know, patience is rewarded the more, the more long one can bear the waiting. As well as here: apparently endlessly long lasted it until these studious Thuringian Pagan Metal heros had placed its new album spectacle „Weltenbrand“ such brilliant ready. Yet the truly breathtaking gigantic musical goodness of this terrific epic grand masterpiece compensates even the most impatients among the fans of the East German horde in amply manner! As to expect, Gernotshagen have developed powerfully forwards and that immediately in all conceivable creative concerns: therefore the participants fortunately did lift their output generally and so these new songs are their very best until now at all. Superficial critics, who reproach the heathen heavy metal scene again and again gladly, that Pagan Metal became degenerated to a bloodless and empty genre, get by means of „Weltenbrand“ such an extent fat and delicious feast pressed into the ears that it persistently deeply intoxicates the eardrums. With the help of a really bombastically sounding top production, these frenetic heathen power songs are all too easily able to raise the swirled up senses of the listeners into highest appreciative heights. Actually the conviction-culprits Gernotshagen produced its new compositions such completed and such convexed arranged, that this fantastic album advances with a big blow quickly to an classic of German Pagan Metal. The heathen heros around the shockingly expressive strong and glorious changeable vocal-master Askan prove to be absolute top adepts, which makes out of the majestic „Weltenbrand“ an intense enjoyment matter with no loss or sign of abrasion. [Info from SMP Records catalogue] Reviews: With ‘Weltenbrand’ the Teutonic six-piece has simply taken a logical step in its career and has delivered a fantastic album, which is also a perfect continuance of the previous record. The long wait has definitely paid off. Fans of the previous records and also fans of nineties black metal and the first works by Dimmu Borgir, Negura Bunget, Cryptic Carnage, Suidakra, Forsth, but also Falkenbach, Wolfchant, Nothgard and Dyrathor, will probably also enjoy this album a lot. ( 85/100 ... this is dark and very moody music from a very high level. The way the piano parts, keyboard sessions and the guitar lines are weaved into the song is astonishing. Gernotshagen creates a special mood, seems to be pretty innovating and the link with atmospheric Black Metal and even dark Doom Metal isn’t that far away. And yet I hear some things that reminds me to the more depressive part of Rammstein. The vocals are between screams, grunts and very low traditional vocal lines... ( 95/100 Empire Magazin 9,5/10 15/15 9,5/10 5/5 Legacy Magazin 11/15 92/100 8/10 9/10 5/6
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