Ethereal Shroud - Trisagion, CD

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  • NSP-16378
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Re-press in jewel case. Formed as a secretive solo project in 2013 in the Isle of Wight to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ethereal Shroud - Trisagion, CD"

Re-press in jewel case.

Formed as a secretive solo project in 2013 in the Isle of Wight to express feelings of isolation, introspection and esoteric emotions, Ethereal Shroud practices black metal with challenging song structures and lengths. The songs are cinematic, engaging with melodic riffs and hugely atmospheric soundscapes with layers that unravel with close listening, repeating motifs and progressive undertones that revel in subtlety as opposed to showy displays. They show to you only as much as you put in, rewarding you for dedication - created entirely by himself in isolation.

Trisagion continues this trend with more investment in production, more aggression, tighter performances and more emphasis on challenging songwriting. Lyrically focussing on resentment to fascism, esoteric emotions towards a world crumbling to its own cycle of greed and destruction and a response to personal traumas. Trisagion is an unrepenting album that pulls no punches, unforgivingly unaccessible in its presentation that unravels only as much as you're willing to dedicate to it. Joseph Hawker's new vision was assisted by incredible musicians for the first time. This is Black Metal for those who wish to get entirely invested and lost in its deep, introspective layers of resentment and guilt.

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