Gelure - The Candlelight Tomes, DigiCD

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  • NSP-16287
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Collector's Edition in 4-panel Digipack, incl. a map of the territory, limited to 500 copies.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gelure - The Candlelight Tomes, DigiCD"

Collector's Edition in 4-panel Digipack, incl. a map of the territory, limited to 500 copies. Fantastic Dungeon Synth project of the man behind Fathomage! 

"The Candlelight Tomes" is the next album that reveals the new map installment in Gelure's world, Vrodonoth. Journey with the Secluded Wizard through this newly uncovered territory as he maps this world of ancient magick, deep mystical forests and glorious saga-engraved dwarven fortresses.

The continent of Vrodonoth has several species living on it, primarily the races of Men, Dwarves and Halflings. Situated just to the east of Akûlon, listeners may observe both maps of Akûlon and Vrodonoth (each included with the respective DigiCD) and journey through this vibrant world with the music painting each step of the way.

Follow the Secluded Wizard as he shares his tome-bound knowledge with the listener; travelling through candlelit dungeons, frosted ice meadows, vibrant deep-oaken woodlands, ancient bygone halls, withered ruins and much more.

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