Stary Olsa - Loving Cup, CD

Stary Olsa - Loving Cup, CD

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Mysticism of heathen sacramentals, voices of chateaux, and the vibrant power of mediaeval... mehr
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Mysticism of heathen sacramentals, voices of chateaux, and the vibrant power of mediaeval melismata, interlaced with the energy, terrene malice, and great heartedness of the Belarusans" bellicose primogenitors. Pure sonal music, performed by precise copies of ancient Belarusan instruments (except for guitar and flute), is mirroring virtuosities of the gentle folks and knighthood in Belarus which had keen in war with the Russian princelings-whipcrackers far back in the Middle Ages. Songs' texts are eidetic words, taken from the Belarusan folklore and slightly changed. The music "roughness" and old instruments" timbre hues have been preserved. The First part of the CD is a pilgrimage to the early Middle Ages where one could hear evocative tunes or bagpipe, board zither, hornpipe, birchbark pipe, reed pipe, jew's-harp, drum, timbrel, etc. Such a grandeval instrument as monochord has been replaced here by hurdy-gurdy which sounds are almost the same. The other part of the album dedicated to the late Middle Ages where guitar and flute are added. 1. Bewitchment 2. Ballad 3. Shallop 4. Epulation 5. Threnode 6. Plying the Seas (Bielarusan folk song) 7. Dances 8. Plenilune 9. Rose (Bielarusan folk song) 10. Vajtouna (Bielarusan folk song) 11. Hoarfrost 12. Warfare 13. Loving Cup (Bielarusan folk song) 14. Legend 15. Town Gates 16. There, Over The Hill [Info from official Stary Olsa website]
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