Argenthorns - The Ravening [orange/black galaxy], LP

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  • NSP-17971
  • Avantgarde Music
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Label: Avantgarde Music Year of release: 2023 Vinyl colour: Orange/black galaxy... mehr
Produktinformationen "Argenthorns - The Ravening [orange/black galaxy], LP"

Label: Avantgarde Music

Year of release: 2023

Vinyl colour: Orange/black galaxy

Limitation: Undisclosed

Condition: NEW/mint

Info/Extras: Project of Lord Vrăjitor (Warmoon Lord, Old Sorcery)

Gone are the days of high adventure, but there are portals and webways that cross paths with our mundane lives. Prepare your journey to the war-torn, magical and baroque world of Argenthorns!

A new, mysterious, symphonic black metal project from the land of the thousand lakes will take you on an epic cloak and dagger adventure. Argenthorns is the solo endeavor of Mason Rofocale, multi-instrumentalist and narrator of our tale, who will recount unspeakable perils and obscure enemies. A quest was laid, and The Ravening marks the first chapter of Mason Rofocale’s occult chronicle through lands unknown!

A black metal tale told the way it used in the ‘90s, with piercing screams, fascinating keyboards and icy cold riffs, for fans of (early) Dimmu Borgir, Bal-Sagoth, Odium and Limbonic Art.

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