Saor - Guardians, CD

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  • NSP-13445
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Regular edition in jewel case. "Guardians" is the much anticipated third full-length album... mehr
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Regular edition in jewel case.

"Guardians" is the much anticipated third full-length album from one-man Scottish Atmospheric Celtic Metal project Saor. Two years after the release of his highly successful sophomore album "Aura" (2014), Andy Marshall returns with his unique brand of beautifully crafted, epic Folk Black Metal steeped in folklore. Recorded over two years in Cairndow and the Isle of Skye, the new release contains five majestic new tracks with a playing time of just under an hour. Musically it carries on where "Aura" left off, weaving together intelligently-crafted guitar riffs, soaring folk melodies and stirring string sections, taking you on a journey throughout the majestic, mist-covered Highland landscapes. As well as being inspired by nature, the album takes influence from various traditional Scottish poems which cover a range of themes such as ancient battles, cultural heritage and sorrow. On this new release, Andy has worked alongside a host of incredibly talented guest musicians from around the world including Bryan Hamilton (Cnoc An Tursa) on drums, Meri Tadic (Ex-Elueviete, Irij) on fiddle, John Becker (Austaras) on strings and Kevin Murphy on bagpipes. "Guardians" is essential for Atmospheric Metal fans and those craving more emotional depth in their Folk/Black Metal.

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