Woods of Desolation - As The Stars, CD

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  • NSP-12384
  • Northern Silence Productions
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Regular edition in jewel case. "As The Stars" is the new album from Woods Of Desolation, by... mehr
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Regular edition in jewel case.

"As The Stars" is the new album from Woods Of Desolation, by now probably Australia's premier Depressive Black Metal band. On this 3rd album, mastermind D. on guitars, with the help of session members (Vlad from Drudkh on drums, Luke Mills from Nazxul and Pestilential Shadows on bass, and Old from Drohtnung on vocals), continues the musical direction which was begun on "Toward The Depths" and refined on the very successful "Torn Beyond Reason". Fans of the band will be pleased to hear that the main ingredients as well as the songwriting are similar to those on W.O.D.'s excellent sophomore album - haunting, melodic and intense Depressive Black Metal, delving further into melancholy and the essence of personal expression through music, which may occasionally remind the listener of another of Australia's finest, AUSTERE, as well as ALCEST, and perhaps "Brave Murder Day"-era KATATONIA.

Review Ratings: 8/10 Against Magazine 8.5/10 - www.crossfire-metal.de 9/10 - www.exclaim.ca 11/15 - Legacy Mag 8/10 - www.metal1.info 8/10 - www.metalkaoz.com 8.4/10 - www.metalship.org 10/10 - www.metal-temple.com 4/5 - www.newnoisemagazine.com 8/10 - www.noripcord.com 8/10 - www.pitchfork.com 9.5/10 - www.powermetal.de 9/10 - www.riseabovetheanchor.com 9/10 - www.rottinghill.at 4/5 - www.sputnikmusic.com 5/5 - www.themetalfoundry.com 9/10 - www.thrashocore.com 8/10 - www.welovemetal.com

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