NSP 185 : FAIDRA - Six Voices Inside DigiCD

The CD comes as Collectors Edition in 4-panel Digipack, limited to 500 copies.

Faidra is a Swedish Atmospheric/Orthodox Black Metal solo project that formed during late summer of 2019. The music is primarily inspired by Scandinavian Black Metal of the early 90s, with Burzum being perhaps the most prominent influence. The man behind Faidra has played in various bands of different genres since the late 90's, and for Faidra chose to keep his identity undisclosed in order to let the music speak for itself.

Release date: February 21st, 2020


"Faidra‘s debut album Six Voices Inside contains six songs that are all over six minutes long. What a coincidence? This is, for the most part, mid-tempo Black Metal. There’s a bit of Katatonia‘s Brave Murder Day here, and I got flashbacks to the melodic BM of Dissection and Satyricon‘s The Shadowthrone. There are shades of Samael‘s Blood Ritual and more than a hint of early Burzum. [...] given Faidra is a one-man project, this guy has some serious song-writing chops. He seems to know exactly how long to play a riff before it gets boring. And, at precisely the right moment, he does something new/different." - 4/5

"Exquisitely crafted arrangements and hauntingly deep rhythms accompanied by atmospheric choruses, synth effects ... and an undeniable (somewhat traditional) black metal aura. [...] Mesmeric is a good word but it doesn’t come close to what the all-encompassing experience here offers. An audio package complemented by commendable production values far from what fans of the mentioned influences (below) might expect, however this element only serves to heighten the experience resulting in an album which delivers each and every time its placed into the senses. More impressive still is that this is yet another example of what a single, solitary, mind can visualize, produce and bring to full realization. Do not miss out on this!" - 92/100

"Unter dem Strich ist das Debütalbum von FAIDRA eine Scheibe ohne Ausfälle, dafür aber mit umso mehr Qualität und Klasse. Zwingende Kaufempfehlung!" - 9/10

"Durchgängig wird eine epische Getragenheit, eine würdevolle Boshaftigkeit und eine verschwommene Entrücktheit zelebriert. Das ist nicht überspektakulär und weit entfernt von innovativ, aber unheimlich gut gemacht und effektiv. Wer ein Lehrstück in melodischem Black Metal, der nie plakativ oder albern wirkt, hören möchte, greift zu diesem Album." - 8.5/10

"Faidra liefern uns mit „Six Voices Inside“ eine knappe Dreiviertelstunde lupenreinen Black Metal und verfolgen dabei ab der ersten Sekunde ein spezifisches Muster. Sie verzichten fast gänzlich auf Blastbeats. So langsam wie das Album startet, zieht es sich durch die volle Spielzeit und verfügt quasi nicht über Tempowechsel. Was sich zunächst langweilig anhört, mündet spätestens bei den Titeln „The Depths“ oder „Obsequies“ in ein burzumeskes Hörvergnügen." - 8/10

https://www.musika.be/2020/01/26/faidra-six-voices-inside/ - 85/100

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