Njiqahdda - Yrg Alms, CD

Njiqahdda - Yrg Alms, CD

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"Yrg Alms" has been Mastered by Drucifer, known for his work with such artists as Leviathan and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Njiqahdda - Yrg Alms, CD"
"Yrg Alms" has been Mastered by Drucifer, known for his work with such artists as Leviathan and Xasthur. The Yrg Alms cover artwork was created by Rebecca Clegg (famous for her work with Nachtmystium, Xasthur, Krieg, Urfaust...). The "Yrg Alms" CD package will feature full-color 8-page panoramic booklet with gold ink overlays on the booklet and tray card. To quote Njiqahdda: "Yrg Alms is a new step in our evolution, both ideally and musically. We have taken many of the things that made up previous efforts and reshaped them into something new and refreshing. This album was a difficult task to complete, mainly because we wanted to make an album that was not only stunning, but thought provoking and unafraid to trample what people define as black metal. There are elements of black metal, dark ambient, noise, electronica, post rock, and funeral doom scattered all over the record. Blasting, creeping, lurching, introspection...We are hoping to really turn people on their ear with this new record and have them rethink their ideas of extreme music and philosophy." "This will truly be our finest hour as a band and project. We have worked long and hard to make the best possible record we could and we truly feel that is the case. We are quite proud of our musical child thus far." "Yrg Alms" is indeed a masterwork from Njiqahdda. Completely lush and expansive and a very immense work as well, filling the entirety of the CD, so no Njiqahdda fanatic will be disappointed with this work. The album features everything from blazing fast black metal to psychedelic doom shoegaze memerism. [Info from Pagan Flames Productions]
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