Augrimmer - From The Lone Winters Cold, CD

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  • NSP-07403
  • Northern Silence Productions
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After their debut MCD on Northern Silence earlier this year Augrimmer return with a simply... mehr
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After their debut MCD on Northern Silence earlier this year Augrimmer return with a simply wonderful piece of Northern Black Metal that a fan of this kind of music simply has to love. And in passing they show how a band can nearly perfect their style in a just few months. This is one of the albums that imo truly carries the vibes of Northern Black Metal, the spirit & atmosphere that makes this music singular & exceptional to the sympathetic listener. The music has everything - the grimness of old Norwegian bands such as early Immortal & Gorgoroth as well as the more melodic and lead guitar-oriented Swedish kind, perfected by bands such as Thy Primordial, Dissection as well as early Setherial. Just take my personal fave "At Winterdawn" as example. For the band the song is good but nothing special, for me it's one of the greatest Black Metal songs I've ever heard from a German band! When I first listened to that song on their demo MCD, those haunting melodies of the the lead guitars carried by a cold Black Metal winterstorm of riffing, I immediately got what I call the "Nord-Feeling", this rare perception of sheer brilliance that I first experienced while listening to Setherial's monumental debut album. Maybe it's just my own opinion but I dare say if you're a fan of the classic mid-90s Black Metal from Norway & Sweden you have to get this album! It will keep growing on you with every spin and at some point it will inevitably blow you away!

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