"Evenstar" is the third full-length album from Dwarrowdelf and their most unique offering to date, also using live (session) drums for the first time.
“Afar Angathfark”, Emyn Muil’s third and most magnificent album to date, is inspired by the character of Fëanor and his war against Morgoth to claim back his Silmarils. A dark story of oaths and fratricide, and about an epic journey. Fans of bands like Summoning or Caladan Brood will find much to enjoy on this monumental release, and we highly recommend it to them!
Reissues of the first two Skyforest albums and the Harmony EP in 6-panel digipacks, each limited to 1000 copies.
With the fifth full-length record, Unreqvited takes the listener on a soulful symphonic journey into the heart of winter. “Empathica” is a cinematic experience of melancholy and majesty, as beautifully woven layers of delicate pianos and strings accompany triumphant post-rock refrains. Ethereal clean vocal melodies soar above snow-capped mountaintops as the anguished screams howl from the deep icy valleys below.
Ruadh's sophomore album contains six tracks of epic, Scottish Atmospheric Black Metal with Folk elements that are massive in both scope and scale, taking you through the Iron Ages in Scotland. It also explores the history and mythology of the people of Scotland, conveying both sorrow and uplifting, almost heroic tones. ‘The Rock of the Clyde’ is an evolution from their debut album ‘Sovereign’. It has a much more melodic feel, yet has more visceral elements too.
New edition (Release date: April 24th, 2020) of 199 copies on transparent blue vinyl, incl. download.

CÂN BARDD - Pan T-shirt

Exclusive, limited shirt with b/w artwork. Available from Cân Bardd and Northern Silence.
Exclusive vinyl edition of Remete's fantastic first full length album, limited to 93 copies on transparent blue vinyl with gold splatter (only available one copy per customer from the Northern Silence shop and Remete while stock lasts!) and 199 copies on gold vinyl, incl. download.
Much demanded vinyl edition of Arctos' brilliant debut full length, limited to 99 copies on transparent red vinyl with black splatter (only available one copy per customer from the Northern Silence shop and Arctos while stock lasts!) and 185 copies on gold vinyl, incl. download.
Much demanded new pressing of this all-time classic Depressive Black Metal album. Comes with new artwork by Artem Demura, and new layout, incl. download.
"To Mantle the Rising Sun" is the second album by Melodic Black Metal band Malist, on which the artist continues the musical journey started on last year's debut with even more genre-crossing ambition, drawing inspiration from bands like Lord Belial, Immortal, Sargeist, Fen & Woods of Desolation.

Powerful riffs, melodic layering, diverse vocals & atmospheric elements are woven into this musical venture of battles & mournful fates, sending the listener to the outer surface of the underground Karst Realm, where the lyrical hero is on his way to meet the tyrant King - an encounter to set his life's purpose once and for all...
The Russian solo-project Dolorangst, founded in 2019, plays truly outstanding Atmospheric Black Metal with Post Rock influences, recommended for fans of earlier Tiamat or Katatonia albums, as well as Austere, Woods of Desolation or Thy Light in their quieter moments.

The CD is released as part of the Northern Silence Underground Series and includes the four songs that were previously self-released digitally, which received excellent feedback from fans worldwide, as well as an unreleased demo song as bonus track.
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